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CTA-BG Grease on the kitchen

Grease traps, drains and catch basins are designed to catch grease, sludge and other fatty oils keeping them separate from water and allowing them time to cool and solidify. Without proper maintenance, your grease traps may become clogged, spill grease or build up into other lines. In restaurants, this could lead to possible shut down and loss of customers. Avoid hassle and costly repair issues when you trust our experts to perform regular maintenance on your grease traps.

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 •  Clogs

 •  Oil

 •  Grease

 •  Sludge

 •  Fat

When you need help, you need it fast! Our experts are on call 24/7 for your convenience! In addition to our grease trap services, we can also help with septic work and offer a full range of other affordable services to meet your specific needs.

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